Glopper Help

This application is to send Messages (called « Glop ») to people around you.

When you Log for the first time, your range is 20 meters, means that people in a 20 meters range will see your Glop.

Each time a people Like your Glop, one meter is added to your range.

Post nice and usefull Glop to become popular !!!




Will display the Pseudo under people will see your Glop
Your Range
The number of Glop you posted
Publish on Facebook option : to become more popular, you are able to publish your Glop on your wall.



See all Glops of your area.
If you LIKE a Glop, Swipe it to the Right – If you DO NOT LIKE swipe to the LEFT


pencil SEND GLOP

Take a picture, modify your Range, type your Text and Send !! That’s all



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